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We help companies to be data driven to shape the products, services and experiences they offer to their customers. We provide them software engineering services in technology areas such as AI/ML/DL, Real-time Streaming Analytics, Big Data Analytics, IOT, and Cloud.


We provide onsite and offsite consulting services to our customers. In this model we match the right consultants for the customer projects and the consultants can work onsite, offsite or initially onsite and then offsite based on the project. However, in this model the customer is mostly responsible for scheduling and managing the project. The customer will be billed based on the time and material (T&M) by consultants.


This is mostly done offsite. In this model we take the requirements from the customer and then we completely manage the project and provide the deliverables to our customer without much of their involvement except during weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sync-ups depending on the project. This allows the customer teams to focus on other important tasks or projects. The customer will be billed based on the project involved (SOW or T&M).


We help customers on the following technology related projects:
  • AI/ML/DL
  • Real-time Streaming Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IOT
  • Cloud

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